Among Spirits, the Geographical Indication Grappa is exclusively reserved for the grape marc spirit produced from raw materials derived from grapes produced and vinified in Italy, which is distilled and bottled within the Italian territory.

Grappa’s unmistakable personality has its roots in Italy’s traditional distillation culture, thanks to the talent and creativity of its people,  developed over the centuries, and their unique ability in producing quality distilled liquors.

Grappa is obtained through the steam distillation of fermented or semi-fermented vinaccia (grape pomace). According to a long-established Italian tradition, only fresh and high-quality can be used in the production of grappa. Producing Grappa is a delicate process that requires a careful selection of the pomace and meticulous supervision of the distillation process.

Over the centuries, through the skill and expertise of Italian master distillers, Grappa has come to be recognized as Italy’s premier distilled liquor, the Italian national spirit.