The Russo Family has been working since 1936 with great skill and passion to produce and market handicraft liqueurs and spirits. They are one of the historical distilleries in the Campania region. Continuity, tradition, innovation and customer satisfaction are the principles of the distillery. Any company choice is based on the care for the whole productive process, from the selection and control of the raw materials up to transformation.




The Fratelli Branca Distillerie was founded by Bernardino Branca and his three sons in 1845 when they started producing a bitter herbal liqueur, Fernet-Branca, through a secret formula that has remained such for 173 years. Fratelli Branca is a sixth-generation business run by Count Niccolò Branca. His son, Edoardo Branca is now managing the Fratelli Branca business in the United States.


The history of the Caffo family business dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, when Giuseppe Caffo, the Master Distiller, class of 1865, began distilling pomace on the side of volcanic Mt. Etna. After years of experience trading and managing distilleries, his dream became reality when in 1915 he bought an old distillery in Santa Venerina, Sicily. He fully dedicated himself to his passion and passed his knowledge along to his children. Giuseppe’s son, Sebastiano Caffo, soon became a Master Distiller himself, and together they founded the company ”Fratelli Caffo” with Sebastiano’s brother, Santo Caffo.



The Group was founded in 1860 and today is the sixth-largest player worldwide in the premium spirits industry. It has a global distribution reach, trading in over 190 nations around the world with leading positions in Europe and the Americas. The Group’s growth strategy aims to combine organic growth through strong brand building and external growth via selective acquisitions of brands and businesses. Headquartered in Sesto San Giovanni, Italy, Campari Group owns 18 plants worldwide and has its own distribution network in 20 countries.

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Cardamaro is the premium amaro produced by the Bosca family, based in Canelli, in the very heart of Piedmont. The family, at its seven generation, produces sparkling wines, wines, aperitifs and amari since 1820 and believe in the best quality for the best consumers experience.




Casoni, one of Italy's oldest distilleries and liqueur factories, has handed down its know-how from generation to generation, maintaining an innate passion for the production of liqueurs and spirits blended with a love for our region. Actually, Casoni has always been in Finale Emilia, Modena, the town that has witnessed this business grow in over 200 years of its history.


Giulio Cocchi has been producing, since 1891, wine-based aperitifs and hundred percent Piedmontese sparkling wines following the best traditions of the Asti area. What defines Cocchi style is then its simplicity and authenticity: the quality of the wine and of the other ingredients, the century-old technical expertise and a passion and creativity that have never failed over the years.



ILLVA SARONNO: (Industria, Lombarda, Liquori, Vini & Affini), was founded in the wake of the success of Domenico Reina Coloniali, a shop/workshop situated in the heart of Saronno, and Disaronno soon became a symbol of Italian taste. From the 1990s until today, the company has become an ever stronger spokesman of the Italian Style of drinking fine spirits worldwide. Present in over 160 countries, ILLVA SARONNO has strengthened its position in the International market developing synergies with leading industrial realms and participating in events of worldwide importance – related to art, music and cinema.



Engine is the pure organic Gin made in Italy that will take you on a ride along freedom road, right towards your roaring dreams. Engine Gin was born in the Langhe in Piedmont, land of ancient traditions, where a virtuous natural remedy based on sage and lemon was used as a “happiness potion”. Today Engine Gin uses sage and lemon to shake up the ancient traditions: this is the fuel that ignites the flavour and speeds you along a rollercoaster of emotions to be lived to the full. A combination that pays tribute to the best Italian liquor tradition, homeland of important liqueurs and cordials.


Italicus is produced at a family- owned distillery established in 1906 in Moncalieri, Torino. Bergamot from the UNESCO-protected area in the Calabrian region and cedro from Sicilia are infused in cold water to release their essential oils, in a time honoured process called Sfumatura, before being blended with Italian neutral grain spirit. A delicate combination of Roman chamomile from Lazio, lavender, gentian, yellow roses and melissa balm from Northern Italy are then macerated together for several days before being married with the bergamot and cedro essential oils to create the final liquid.




Quality, knowledge, tradition and idea. These are the values that make Lucano one of the most important Italian liquor producers. As in every great story, this one too is rooted in the past: it all began more than one hundred years ago from a secret recipe of Cav. Pasquale Vena.



Established in 1821 and still 100% controlled by the founding family, Luxardo is one of the oldest European firms producing liqueurs. Transferred to Torreglia ( Padova) in 1947 due to the consequences of the Second World War, it is now a leader in the liqueurs industry and one of the few proprietary brands present in almost all the international markets.


 The Meletti distillery was founded on September 20, 1870 in Ascoli Piceno by Silvio Meletti. With the introduction of Anisetta, one of the oldest Italian liqueurs, Meletti experienced success and recognition, recieveing several award at international competitions and fairs. The passion and artisanal techniques of producing Anisetta inspired many other products in the portfolio. After almost 150 years and five generations, Meletti still remains family owned and operated, honoring the same recipes and techniques of their ancestors. Tradition, quality, and passion are the core values that you will find crafted in every Meletti liqueur.



Founded in 1885, Gruppo Montenegro is a leading Italian spirits and food manufacturer. The Group’s brands have developed into icons of the “Made in Italy” label with strong brand equity and significant cultural relevance: Amaro Montenegro, Vecchia Romagna, Bonomelli Infusions, Infrè Decaf Tea, Cuore Corn Oil, Cannamela Spices, Polenta Valsugana, Catarì Instant Pizza.

Icons of the “Made in Italy” label, their brands are the result of the constant pursuit of excellence, respect for tradition and attention to product quality and sustainability, all values that have defined Gruppo Montenegro since its foundation.


Distilleria Nardini has been producing Grappa and spirits in Bassano del Grappa since 1779, when the forefather Bortolo Nardini first arrived from the Trentino Region. Here, on the eastern side of the famous Palladian covered wooden bridge, Bortolo Nardini opened what is now the oldest grappa distillery in Italy. At the Nardini headquarters on the bridge, you can still find the historical Grapperia where the seventh generation of the family continues to run the business with the same passion as the founder, expertly blending tradition and innovation.



The Pallini family has been making super premium liqueurs since 1875 when Nicola Pallini founded their first shop and distillery in Antrodoco. In 1922, the business was moved to the heart of Rome, where it built a strong reputation for exquisitely made spirits. Today Pallini exports its products to over 35 countries around the world and is a leader with its Limoncello Pallini in the Duty-Free segment and the US market.



History, territory, tradition, technological innovation and internationalization. These are the Paolucci Liquori’s key words. This factory, whose origins date back to early Nineteenth century, still represents a source of pride for the entire province. It has been awarded many prestigious acknowledgements, from the Gold Medal at the Global Exposition of Rome in 1922 to “Brevetto della Real Casa” in 1934 (an honour conferred in the past by the Italian king to products of very high quality). Following very ancient recipes, natural and attentive- ly selected ingredients are used to produce Italian liqueurs and distillates, in particular those typical of Central Italy. Tradition and state-of-the-art technologies are fused in the produc- tion methods of this fourth generation company, whose target market is the whole world. 




Since 1898 the Poli family has been operating their artisanal grappa distillery located near Bassano del Grappa, in the heart of the Veneto. Today, fourth-generation Jacopo Poli has elevated grappa production to an art form. Selecting only the freshest grape pomace from some of the best winemakers in Italy, he uses a traditional copper pot still - in operation for more than a century! Jacopo works very closely with these producers during harvest and never accepts more grape pomace than can be immediately processed. This attention to detail has resulted in grappas with exceptional fruit character and unparalleled elegance.



Polini Group was founded in 1968 as a family business and is now one of the largest independent spirits producer in Europe, with more than 25 million units produced every year.

They manage a vast portfolio of private labels and premium brands marketed in over 25 countries worldwide.

In recent years the company has committed to expanding towards the USA with its main brands such as Vodka 2Nite and the aperitif My Spritz, which also comes in a RTD version called MySpritz.


Ramazzotti was established in Milan in 1815, when its founder Ausano Ramazzotti created the first house of Amaro thanks to its still secret recipe of Amaro Ramazzotti. Since 1815, Ramazzotti is together with us to share our convivial moments by enhancing its typical Italian values made of spontaneity, authenticity and light heartiness, that make us say “Bella la vita”. Ramazzotti products are still produced with passion and care by selecting the best quality ingredients to convey our love for Italian excellence.


Strega means “witch” in Italian: the name comes from the legend that says that in Benevento witches from all over the world used to meet. The company is located in Benevento in the south of Italy and has been specializing in handcrafted liquor production since 1860.

Strega liqueur is its flagship product, a recipe of local and international botanicals, distilled in pot stills and aged in wood. The Strega company, still owned and run by the Alberti family, also produces the best traditional Italian Liqueurs, such as amaro, sambuca, etc. Strega currently exports tO more than 50 countries worldwide.



The Spiritual Machine was born from a group of people who shared a vision inspired by an adventurous spirit. Their team of consultants will allow you to create the spirit that best fits the vision of your brand. Thanks to a meticulous selection of botanicals from all over the world that are scrupulously stored and processed to achieve stable and safe spirits, The Spiritual Machine supplies products that are ideal for personalising any spirit: our tinctures and spirits are certified by over 100 years of experience gained in the field by our manufacturer.


In 1945 the brothers Giancarlo and Lanfranco Toschi had the idea of packaging the famous Vignola cherries in spirit to be able to taste them all year round. The “Frutta Spiritosa” was the beginning of the food & beverage family company Toschi Vignola, which grew during the years adding syrups, fruit liqueurs, candied Amarena cherries, ingredients for artisanal gelato and balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI to its portfolio. The company "spirit" is to tell, through its products, the excellence of the territory and the Italian tradition


Distilleria Varnelli has been producing spirits since 1868 on the slopes of Monti Sibillini in the Marche region. The business started by the founder Girolamo Varnelli, a keen herbalist who applied his knowledge to create a natural remedy, Amaro Sibilla, awarded the Gold Medal in 1909 at the International Exhibition in Turin. At the beginning of the 20th Century, his son Antonio and the grandson Girolamo jr. launched Varnelli Anice Secco which rapidly became the flagship of the firm. After more than 150 years the Varnelli family still owns 100% of the company and dedicates passion and commitment to effectively combine tradition and innovation, focusing on the utmost quality while enhancing the cultural heritage.