Liqueurs and Cordials Sub Category: Other Liqueurs

Coffee Liqueur: Alcoholic liqueurs based on coffee. They are commonly sweet and syrupy. The base spirit can vary from Brandy, to neutral grain spirit and even Grappa.

Liquori all'uovo: Sweet, energizing liqueurs made from eggs, sugar, and brandy with and alcoholic content between 15 and 18 percent. The same name is also commonly used for homemade zabaglione liquor. These are rich and creamy with a smooth, custard-like consistency.

They are often taken as a warm as a tonic, or any moment in the day and may be served at room temperature or cold. Two popular Italian brands include Vov and Zabov.

They are also commonly used in the making of the Bombardino cocktail, an Italian version of the eggnog, popular in Italy during the winter, especially in the ski resorts.