Tales of the Cocktail 2020

Italian Hospitality / Livio Lauro & Armando Bisceglia
September 22, 2020
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Italian hospitality is filled with joy and always enhanced with tasty food and beverages. From the greeting at the door to the after-dinner care package, Italian restaurateurs make their guests feel important in their own unique way.

This panel of Italian hospitality experts will teach you the difference between simply “going out to dinner” versus a truly immersive and memorable dining experience. You’ll be sure to take these time-tested skills with you and implement them in your life and in your bar.

How to Italianize an American Cocktail
September 22, 2020

Italian spirits and liqueurs have been enhancing people’s lives for centuries. The country’s tipples are made with unique ingredients, processes, and family traditions that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world.

More and more people are incorporating these fine liqueurs into classic cocktails, creating new flavors with an Italian twist. This holds true whether you are adding a long-lived elixir or a new product still in its cradle.

Join industry expert & Italian bartender, Livio Lauro, to learn how to include Italy’s historical spirits into your bar program and offer guests a unique tasting experience.

An Italian Drinking Day
September 23, 2020

Italians have drinking rituals dedicated to different moments throughout the day, starting with their morning espresso and ending with a post-dinner digestivo. And, like any other art form, each has its own set of rules and etiquette.

Let industry expert & Italian bartender, Livio Lauro, teach you how to sip Italian style by exploring the various alcoholic beverages and iconic cocktails that natives appropriately drink throughout the day. After all, there’s a drink for every hour!

Aperitivo All Pink
September 24, 2020

Pink, whether in wine, spirits, or cocktails, is associated with fun & trendy beverages that are lighter and fresher. They are a great choice for an ideal Aperitivo or a refreshing thirst-quencher.

In this seminar, industry expert & Italian bartender, Livio Lauro, will cover delicious pink (and red) cocktails – light and strong – that will boost your Aperitivo game.

Learn about forgotten Italian classics that your bar patrons will crave year-round.